Advising International Students

We very much appreciate you taking the time to assist students who are interested in making application to the University of Hartford.  What follows is not a complete review of admission requirements but it should answer most of the questions brought to you by your students.

Additional questions or concerns should be directed to:
Samuel N. Skinner, International Admission
T: 1.860.768.4839(Direct) or 1.860.768.4981(Assistant)
E: or

Entry Requirements /Undergraduate Degree Programs

Students who present the following grades in subjects that prepare them for University level study are good candidates for admission. Students applying for degrees without the necessary preparatory subjects will not be offered admission to their first choice degree but may be considered for an alternate program.

  1. 3.0 (out of 4.0)
  2. 3.7 (out of 5.0)
  3. 80% (out of 100)
  4. 70% (out of 100) India/Canada
  5. GCSE - five *passes with grades of A,B or C. 
    * Four of the five passes must be English, Mathematics, Natural/Physical  Science and Social Science
  6. GCE - five * passes with grades of A,B or C. * Four of the five passes must be English, Mathematics, Natural/Physical Science and Social Science

The following exams are not required for admission to the University, but  they will be used to select students for the International Grant Program. Additionally these exams may make a marginal candidate admissible.

SAT / University average 1100 / Critical Reading & Math only (2006-2007)

ACT /  University average  24 / (2006-2007)

International Baccalaureate:  No specific score is required for admission.  Diploma holders will be offered admission.  An applicant's examination results will determine their eligibility for credit. Generally speaking the higher the score the more credit the student will earn. No credit is awarded for Subsidiary level subjects.  Please click here for our policy for awarding credit for IB results.

Advanced Placement:  Students scoring 3 and above will be considered for credit in their  respective subject area. Please click here for our policy for awarding credit for  AP results.

English Proficiency
If your native language is not English, you are required to prove your ability in the English Language. You can prove your ability in the following ways.

English as a Second Language Testing: 

    Reading 18 6.0
    Speaking 15 5.5
    Writing 18 6.0
    Listening 15 5.5
    Minimum Overal Required 79 6.0

    1) TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

  • If you score 550 PBT, 213 CBT, or 76 IBT(with no sub score below 15) you will be permitted to begin your degree program
  • If you score between 500 PBT/ 173 CBT and 550 PBT/213 CBT, 61-75 IBT you will be required to take our English Proficiency Examination during the orientation program at the beginning of the academic semester. Your performance on this examination will determine your first semester schedule.
  • If you score between below 500 PBT/ 173 CBT 90, or 61 IBT you will begin your studies in our English Language Institute (ELI). You should plan to study ESL for a minimum of two academic semesters before beginning your degree program at the University of Hartford.

   2) IELTS - The International English Testing System

  • If you score 6.0, you will be waived from any further ESL Testing.
  • If you score 5.5, you will be required to take our English Proficiency Examination during the orientation program at the beginning of the academic semester.
  • If you score 5.0, you will begin your studies in our English Language Institute (ELI).

Alternative ways to prove English Proficiency:

  1. A GCSE or GCE English Pass (syllabus A) with grade of A, B or C
  2. A HKCEE English Pass with a grade of (Syllabus A) with a grade of A, B, C or D
  3. An IB English A1 or A2 with grade of 3 or higher
  4. An AP English with a grade of 3 or higher
  5. SAT with scores of Critical Reading 500, Writing 500
  6. Successful completion of English Composition at a Regionally accredited College or University in the United States with a grade of B or higher.

While students can be granted admission without an Essay, the Admission committee encourages the submission of an example of the student's best writing.  An essay submitted for an English Course would be perfectly acceptable.

Letters of Recommendation
While students can be granted admission without letters of recommendation, letters are encouraged to help present a more complete picture of the students potential for doing University level study. Character references are not encouraged.

Music / Dance / Theatre / Audition Required
These degree programs are highly competitive and do require the student to prove their talent with an audition.  Auditions are held on campus, throughout the US and students can submit a videotaped/DVD to complete this requirement.  Students must prepare an audition of two or three contrasting works from the standard musical literature, major and minor scales, and technical studies where appropriate.

For a complete listing of audition requirements please visit the Hartt School Admission page.

Fine Arts / Portfolio Required
Students making application to the Hartford Art School, are required to submit a portfolio of 15 examples of their best work. Of these 15 examples, five must be drawings (either in charcoal, pencil, pastel, conte crayon, or ink). These drawings may include self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and figure drawings. Photography, three-dimensional work, film, and video may also be included in your portfolio.

Portfolios may be mailed to the Office of Admission/International Admission in the form of 35 mm slides. Each slide must be numbered and labeled with your full name. Please also include a description of each slide, indicating the medium used, date completed, and size.

Proving Financial Support
Students are required to complete the Guarantor's Statement of Financial Support. Please ask your students to insure that all three sections are filled out complete with a bank seal.

Other acceptable forms of financial support include:

  • Statement from a parents/sponsor's bank indicating adequate financial support.
  • A letter on Bank Letterhead indicating a balance equal to or greater than the dollar figure quoted under Tuition and Living Expenses. This letter should identify the account as that of the student's sponsor (Family/Relatives) 

Application & Scholarship Deadlines
Fall Semester (August):
- Music & Art Applicants:          February 1
- General Applicants:                April 1 (Can apply later but may not be eligible for housing                                                           and Scholarship).
- Spring Semester (January)      Nov. 1 (No Scholarship available for Music & Art  Applicants)
- Summer Semester (May)        Feb. 1 (No Scholarship available for Music & Art Applicants)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the University of Hartford determine who is considered an International Student?

If a student does not qualify for need-based Financial aid (through the US government) then they are considered an International Student. Students with US passports, US Permanent Residency do qualify for need based financial aid and should apply as a US Citizen.

2) Where is Hartford?

Hartford is located 150 Kilometers from Boston , MA and NYC. A two-hour drive from two of America 's great cities. The University is located 7KM from the city of Hartford , in the suburb of West Hartford .

3) How many students attend the University of Hartford?

  • 4,600 full time undergraduate students.
  • 2,000 Full and Part time Graduate Students.

4) Where's the closest airport?

Bradley International Airport is a short 20 minute drive from the University Campus. We will be glad to greet you upon your arrival to campus.

5) Do you have other international students at the University of Hartford?

8% of the student body is comprised of students from overseas. They represent 60+ countries. Please click here for a by country listing of enrolled international students.

6) What degree programs are offered at Hartford?

There are over 80 Bachelor Degree programs.  Please click here for a complete listing.

7) What is the average class size?

The average class size is 25 students.

8) What is the student/faculty ratio?


9) How long does it take to learn if I have been admitted?

If your application arrives in the Office of Admission complete with complete with supporting documents, a decision will be made within two weeks. Notification of our decision should be available in three weeks time.

10) Can international students be considered for merit based Scholarship?

Yes.  Students will be considered for one of the following programs:

  1. International Grant Program - These partial tuition Grants are awarded on the basis of academic merit. These awards range in value between $2,000 to $6,000 per year and are renewable based upon good academic performance.
  2. Athletic Scholarship - As an NCAA Division I institution we do award scholarship to students who demonstrate a high level of athletic ability. Awards range from partial tuition scholarship to full tuition, housing, and meals. To learn more about our Sports programs please visit:
  3. Scholarship for Music, Theater, Dance & Fine Arts - Students who gain admission to either the Hartt School (music, theater and dance) or the Hartford Art School will also be considered for scholarships ranging from $2000 to full tuition (RARE).

11) Does the University of Hartford offer financial aid to needy students?

Students attending the University of Hartford on a visa are not eligible for any federal or state aid. The University awards Scholarship on the basis of merit (Academic, Artistic, and Athletic) are available to international students. 

12) What percentage of students live on campus?


13) What is there to do on campus?

At the University of Hartford, it's easy to get to know others who share your interests. All you have to do is get involved in one of the nearly 100 clubs and organizations on campus. Join the staff of The Informer, the student-run newspaper, check out one of the school's many academic clubs, there's also a Ski Club, an Outing Club that organizes hiking, skiing, and tubing trips in New England, even a Science Fiction Society that sponsors sci-fi movie marathons and special sci-fi events. Whatever your interest, there's likely a group on campus that has already been formed to explore it!

14) How's the food?

Come's plenty for all.  Please click here for an introduction.

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