International Student Application

Please complete all sections of this application. Please take care to print or type your name, address and contact information clearly (legibly). If you are applying as a first year/freshman student you may apply online or download the International Student Application.

Academic Records

Include academic records from each high school (secondary school) attended. These transcripts must be sent from the school(s) to the Office of Admission in separate sealed envelopes and must be accompanied by official English translations.

English Testing

If your native language is not English, you are required to prove your ability in the English Language. You can prove your ability in the following ways.

    Reading 18 6.0
    Speaking 15 5.5
    Writing 18 6.0
    Listening 15 5.5
    Minimum Overal Required 79 6.0

English as a Second Language Testing: 

    1) TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

  • If you score 550 PBT, 213 CBT, or 79 IBT(with no subscore below 15) you will be permitted to begin your degree program
  • If you score between 500 PBT/ 173 CBT and 550 PBT/213 CBT, 61-75 IBT you will be required to take our English Proficiency Examination during the orientation program at the beginning of the academic semester. Your performance on this examination will determine your first semester schedule.
  • If you score between below 500 PBT/ 173 CBT 90, or 61 IBT you will begin your studies in our English Language Institute (ELI). You should plan to study ESL for a minimum of two academic semesters before beginning your degree program at the University of Hartford.

   2) IELTS - The International English Testing System

  • If you score 6.0, you will be waived from any further ESL Testing.
  • If you score 5.5, you will be required to take our English Proficiency Examination during the orientation program at the beginning of the academic semester.
  • If you score 5.0, you will begin your studies in our English Language Institute (ELI).

Alternative ways to prove English Proficiency :

  1. A GCSE or GCE English Pass (syllabus A) with grade of A, B or C
  2. A HKCEE English Pass with a grade of (Syllabus A) with a grade of A, B, C or D
  3. An IB English A1 or A2 with grade of 3 or higher
  4. An AP English with a grade of 3 or higher
  5. SAT with scores of Critical Reading 500, Writing 500
  6. Successful completion of English Composition at a Regionally accreditated College or University in the United States with a grade of B or higher.

Proof of Financial Support

Complete the Guarantor's Statement of Financial Support. Please insure that all three sections are filled out complete with a bank seal.
Other acceptable forms of financial support include;

  • Statement from your parents/sponsor's bank indicating adequate financial support.

  • A letter on Bank Letterhead indicating a balance equal to or greater than the dollar figure quoted under Tuition and Living Expenses. This letter should identify the account as that of your sponsor's (Family/Relatives)

Fine Arts - Art Portfolio Requirements

If you are applying to study the Fine Arts(Painting, Sculpture
Visual Communication Design, Ceramics, Illustration) you will be required to
prove your talent by sending samples of your Art work.  Your Art Portfolio
should have a minimum of 15 pieces of your Art.  To learn more about Portfolio
requirements please visit our Art Porfolio page.

Performing Arts - Music, Theatre, & Dance/Audition Requirements

If you are making application to the Hartt School, you are required to complete both the International Student Application and the Hartt Supplementary Application. In addition, you must prepare an audition of two or three contrasting works from the standard musical literature, major and minor scales, and technical studies where appropriate. You can be considered for admission via a taped audition. Videocassettes are required for Music Theatre applicants. Please visit the Hartt School Admission page to learn about procedures for completing your application. Also, please visit the Hartt Supplementary Undergraduate Application.

SAT & ACT Testing Information

The SAT and ACT exams are not required for admission to the University of Hartford, however may help to increase the strength of your record. In some cases, students who fall below our admission standard have gained admission as a result of a good score on this exam. Students hoping to be considered for scholarships can also strengthen their candidacy for scholarship by submitting their SAT results. The University of Hartford's school codes are: 3436 for the SAT and 0606 for the ACT.

For further information please contact:

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
College Board/ATP P.O. Box 6201
Princeton, NJ 08541-6201 USA
Phone: (609) 771-7600

ACT (American College Test)
PO Box 414
Iowa City, IA 52243 USA
Phone: (319) 337-1270

Credit for IB & AP Results

The following exams are not required for admission to the University, but  they will be used to select students for the International Grant Program. Additionally these exams may make a marginal candidate admissible.

International Baccalaureate:  No specific score is required for admission. 
Diploma holders will be offered admission.  An applicant's examination results
will determine their elgibility for credit. Generally speaking the higher the score
the more credit the student will earn. No credit is awarded for Subsidary level
Advanced Placement:  Students scoring 3 and above will be considered for
credit in their  respective subject area.  Please click here for our policy for awarding credit for  AP results.

New Visa Processing Requirements

You are now required to provide a permanent home country address with the following information:

  1. Name as indicated on your record of Birth and Passport
  2. House number
  3. Street name (P.O. Box Not Acceptable)
  4. City
  5. State, Province, Prefecture or District
  6. Country

*If you fail to provide any of the information it will not be possible to prepare your form I-20*

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