How will you get your "stuff" from home to college?

Just a few boxes
The back seat and trunk
A U-haul should do it
1 U-haul? I need a fleet!

University of Hartford students may choose to work to help meet educational costs. Students who file the FAFSA and demonstrate financial need may request consideration for the Federal Work-Study Program. Students not meeting need-based eligibility requirements may also seek employment from the many available part-time jobs in the university's colleges, offices and departments.

Federal Work-Study Program Guidelines:
  • Part-time employment offered for both on and off-campus positions.

  • Funds are not automatically credited to your account, but are paid directly to you for hours worked.

  • The amount of the FWS award depends on your financial need and the annual federal allocation to the University. Generally, the maximum award at the University is $1,600 per year.

  • In arranging a job and assigning a work schedule, your financial need, class schedule, and satisfactory academic progress will be taken into account.

  • The hourly rate of pay will be at least the current federal minimum hourly wage.

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