University of Hartford Students

Academic Information


The University of Hartford is accredited by the Board of Higher Education of the state of Connecticut and by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Individual schools and programs carry additional accreditations. For more information on accreditation, see the undergraduate bulletin.

Programs designed for adults

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Non-degree students

Students who have not been accepted into a degree or certificate program at the University of Hartford are considered non-matriculated students. Non matriculated students are welcome to take up to 15 credits (five standard courses) at the University. Non matriculated students must obtain an advisorís signature through the Center for Adult Academic Services in order to register. Students must have satisfied the prerequisites of any course they wish to take and may be required to obtain special permission for certain courses from the department chairs or course instructors.

Students pursuing degrees at other colleges

Students pursuing degrees at other colleges may take courses at the University of Hartford. The students must work with their home college to determine if and how the University of Hartford course will transfer.

Students not pursuing a degree

Students who wish to take courses for intellectual pleasure or to pursue a particular interest area are welcome to up to 15 credits at the University of Hartford.

General audit policies

Students wishing to take a course for interest, not credit, may register for a course as auditors. In general, the charge to audit a course is one half the per-credit charge for the course plus fees, provided the audit status is declared at the time of initial registration. For audited courses, no grade is given and no credits are assigned.

Adult guest audit policies

Adults 65 and older are permitted to audit one course per semester tuition free provided they declare the audit status at the time of registration. An additional form must be completed for the tuition waiver; this form can be obtained in the Center for Adult Academic Services. Adult guest auditors must pay any applicable fees and are responsible for purchasing books and materials.

Undergraduate Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin, published once a year in the fall, contains detailed information on all university policies and programs, as well as course descriptions for most courses taught at the University of Hartford.

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