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Saturday Term &
Alternative Scheduling

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Academic Express: This scheduling option allows students to complete three credits in a half semester (seven weeks) by taking courses that meet for approximately three hours twice a week.

Traditional Semester.  The standard semester runs 14 weeks; typically daytime classes meet two or three times a week and evening classes meet once a week for a total of three hours. 

Summerterm & Mayterm

Winterterm is a very concentrated session that begins immediately after New Year’s and ends before the start of the spring term.  Schedules vary and may meet all day every day for one week, a half day every day for two weeks, or every evening for two weeks. Click here to learn more.

Summerterm comprises two sessions of seven weeks each.  Summerterm courses mirror the schedules of the Academic Express format above. Click here to learn more.

Mayterm runs for three weeks and allows students to focus exclusively on a single course in a concentrated period of time. Click here to learn more.

Online Classes. The University offers an increasing number of online and hybrid courses which combine online with in-class meetings. In addition, the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC) is an umbrella program run by the state that lists all online courses offered by accredited institutions in Connecticut.  Students must determine if the course they wish to take through CTDLC will be accepted towards a degree program at the University of Hartford by checking with both the Undergraduate Admissions office and their college evaluator.  The CTDLC website is

Schedule of Classes

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