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UHart provides a robust, distinctive educational experience for its more than 5,000 undergraduate and 1,600 graduate students.


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At the University of Hartford, we are committed to community. We are an academic community that values integrity, curiosity, creativity, excellence, responsibility, and accomplishment. Enriched by our diversity and our engagement with one another, we take pride in our shared traditions and experiences. We are dedicated to building a culture that respects all of its members and celebrates their contributions as we work together to strengthen our community.

Schools and Colleges

With seven distinctive schools and colleges, the University of Hartford
offers students a rich, diverse, and comprehensive educational environment.

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  • » Barney School of Business
  • » College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture
  • » College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions
  • » Hartford Art School
  • » HARTT
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The College of Arts and Sciences is the university's central and largest college. Through its instruction in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster respect for excellence, tolerance of others, dedication to fairness and social justice, precision in speech and thought, and development of intellect.

It does so through a mixture of traditional and innovative programs. Particularly noteworthy are the developing interdisciplinary programs that cut across traditional boundaries and focus on emerging social needs and issues in reading and writing, literature, the environment, internationalization, media, communication, and technology.

At the Barney School of Business, you begin building toward a career in your freshman year. We believe that preparing you for a career in business means preparing you to do things on your own - to make tough decisions, and think for yourself.

No matter what undergraduate major or minor you pursue, your investment in a business education should help you develop career goals and prepare you to accomplish them. That's what we call being Career Ready. We work with our students to be successful in starting or accelerating their careers. Our career ready curriculum ensures that you will be competent, confident, and connected.

The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) provides challenging programs that prepare graduates for stimulating, meaningful, and rewarding professional careers.

CETA offers expanded possibilities for study in the fields of engineering, technology, and architecture. A student may choose engineering, with its emphasis on theory, analysis, and design; technology, which teaches engineering technology, with an emphasis on hands-on application of theory; or architecture, with its emphasis on a combination of design and application of theory.

Our promise to offer the best possible academic programs is paired with a strong commitment to translate knowledge into action. This translational nature of our work permeates ENHP's degree offerings as well as our research and scholarship.

Not only do we strive to ensure that academic work remains meaningful to the communities we serve, but we also aim to learn from practical experiences to inform classroom and laboratory experiences. Accordingly, a cycle that translates theory into practice, and back, shapes our identity as a professional college.

We are a small art school of about 350 students. We offer small classes that offer lots of personal attention in nine diverse studio areas. It is the best kept secret for artists looking for a quality education on the east coast. We educate the "whole artist" through rigorous studio-based disciplines in a liberal arts university setting.

Tapping into the university's broad range of course offerings, which complement our studio disciplines, we'll prepare you to thrive in an ever-changing landscape - the "real world."

The Hartt School is the comprehensive performing arts conservatory of the University of Hartford. Hartt offers innovative degree programs in music, dance, and theatre. Renowned faculty who perform and teach around the world mentor our students in their pursuit of excellence.

With dozens of performing organizations and more than 400 instrumental and vocal performances, recitals, plays, master classes, dance performances, and musical theatre productions a year, performance is central to Hartt's curriculum.

Hillyer College provides the first two years of the bachelor's degree at the University of Hartford. Although all Hillyer students who have completed the requirements receive an associate's degree at the end of those two years, our selection criteria focuses on students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree and more.

Hillyer College is the best of both worlds: a small college within a larger university setting. Students have access to all that a large university has to offer as well as the small classes, taught by a dedicated and highly recognized faculty, that enable students to find academic and personal success.

Succeed Together

Success is never achieved alone at the University of Hartford. It is the result of countless hours of hard work coupled with support, guidance, help, encouragement, inspiration and challenge from professors, fellow students, friends, parents, and mentors every step of the way. These are the necessary elements of success. We bring all these elements together so our students unlock the success within them and graduate with the knowledge that there's no limit to how far they can go.

Why UHart?

As a private university with a public purpose, we engage students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in, and contribute to, a pluralistic, complex world.

Over 100 Programs of Study

Here at UHart we offer over one hundred different majors to fulfill your needs
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7 Schools & Colleges

The University of Hartford is home to seven different schools and colleges
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Campus Living

Our large campus is located in West Hartford just a few minutes from Blue Back Square
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Go Hawks!

We have 17 Division I sports teams to cheer for, as well as many club and intramural programs
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Small Classes

With a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, our classes offer a more personalized learning experience
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Study Abroad

There are numerous opportunities for students to study abroad and still graduate on time
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UHart is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the regional accreditation agency of NE
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Our Values

Our academic community values integrity, curiosity, creativity, excellence, responsibility, and accomplishment
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