Hawk Hall

Hawk Hall: Residential Learning Communities

This residence is organized around theme communities where students live among others who share their interests or who are taking course(s) together. Students who live together collaborate closely with fellow students, faculty and staff. They have a unique opportunity to become leaders through required participation in activities and projects of their Residential Learning Community (RLC). Described below are the eight theme-community options:

STEMC (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Community)

STEM students at the University of Hartford know that their programs are demanding, but first-year students will find they have an advantage by living in STEMC (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Community) where help is always right next door. STEMC promotes a team-building environment and encourages its members to work with others to accomplish goals. Visits with professionals from industry, study sessions, interaction with faculty and staff, and team building activities help these students achieve during their crucial first year.


The residents of this community learn about healthy lifestyle options that can benefit mind, body, and soul such as meditation, exercise, and nutrition. Programs provide a fun way to experience with wellness concepts and ideas that may not be familiar to you. Residents of this community will work together as a team to plan and present programs focused on the topic of wellness.

Emerging Leaders

This residential learning community is a great way to develop leadership skills and ultimately discover your own leadership style. Students will participate in the University's freshman leadership development program called Emerging Leaders, and with other members of your residential learning community will get involved in improving the University through projects developed and implemented by all of you.

Students have the option to take AUCX190 Leadership: Myths and Realities, if it fits into your fall schedule of courses. For most students this course will fulfill an AUCS general education requirement and for others it will be an elective.

Community Service

If you are the type of student who wants to help make a difference in the lives of others, this is the RLC for you. Students will learn about the problems of homelessness, hunger, and other societal issues from faculty and special guests and will participate in community service projects both on and off campus. Such projects may include building with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at a food shelter, visiting seniors in assisted living accommodations, and assisting with campus clean-up projects.

Global Engagement

A residential learning community that focuses on cross-cultural understanding. You will have the opportunity to challenge your perspective and develop an appreciation for other cultures, ideas, and attitudes through discussions, movie nights, getting to know international students, cultural cuisine, dance, music, and guest speakers. This unique experience will allow you to explore your own culture and give you the insight to explore other cultures. Take this important step toward becoming a global citizen.

Creative Arts Expressions

The students in this residential learning community will share their personal visual and performing arts creative experiences and energies, while exploring those of the other residents. Mentored by faculty and staff from the campus arts community, students will attend and participate in the great variety of art exhibitions and performance experiences available on campus while also developing an understanding and appreciation for each other’s unique artistic perspectives.

Honors: The Pursuit of Excellence

How does thinking lead to action that makes life worthwhile? The Honors residential learning community tries to answer this question through a combination of critical reflection and action. Students will take Honors 172 (an honors section of Introduction to Philosophy) and will investigate issues of individual human responsibility and your roles within various communities. You will join with other members of the residential learning community to develop and participate in University and community service activities. In order to live in the Honors RLC, students must receive a President's, Regents, or National Honor Academic scholarship.

Hawk Spirit

Students in this residential learning community will promote Hawk Spirit by learning what it means to be a "Hawk" (to live the mission of the University of Hartford), and how to organize and motivate both themselves and other students in the residence hall and all over campus. Working as a team they will encourage the development of Hawk Spirit in the hall, on campus and inthe local community as they actively develop and implement initiatives that support University, community, athletic, and cultural events.