First-Year Experience

Your first year of college is awaiting you at the University of Hartford! We have constructed a caring, innovative and effective first-year experience for you.


It begins often with a late May or early June weekend of your senior year called Preview where you meet other students and faculty advisors, and register for courses. You will begin your first-year of college by participating in Liftoff, a program that introduces you to campus life. Some of you may want to participate in Lift-Off Adventure, a 3-day community-building experience in August at a lake-side camp in Connecticut.


The first-semester courses most students will be taking provide lots of options and very exciting learning opportunities. The first-year writing program (RLC 110 and 111) takes an innovative and effective approach to improving writing by learning to think critically. Many of you will be taking an All-University Curriculum course from our nationally recognized interdisciplinary general education curriculum. You may also participate in a first-year learning community (called FIGs) with 25 students who take several courses together connected by a theme or major. Your first semester may include a course in your chosen major or area of interest, if you are undecided. In addition, qualified students may take honors sections of required general education courses.

Support Services

The University provides a full-range of support services including academic, personal and health, career, and international and multicultural.

Campus Life

Life on campus has many possibilities for you to consider: Residential Life, Clubs and Activities, Community Service, Intramural Sports, Sports and Fitness Center, Division 1 Intercollegiate Athletics, Bands, Comedians and other programs, and much more.

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